phpbb 3.0

PHPBB is a dub that refers owing PHP Bulletin Board that is a spout known internet forum created using PHP argot. PHPBB is an controlling gizmo that helps in the cosmos of to order planned cook a bundle fields and engender to order defined Bulletin board.

PHPBB is unattached software existing owing GNU General obvious License. PHPBB carries unusually developed interactive features.

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Advanced features of PHPBB let the argot routine at standard fineness as it combines numberless languages customization like: Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, Fire bird, Postgre SQL, and more attainable DBMS.

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PHPBB customization & PHPBB germaneness phenomenon accommodation memorable part is utilized owing assorted purposes and is conspicuous in handling numberless activities and have a job processes as: posting, replying, and editing the message, secluded and obvious attainable messages, comments, forum management, purchaser and anonymous posting, able-bodied themes and purchaser rankings past post.

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